And...We're live! (Wedding Live-streaming) By Chelsea Evans

   As a bride, there are so many things that have to be done before the wedding day. From finding a venue to saying yes to the dress of her dreams; a bride’s duty is never fully done until after the big day and she’s waking up as a new MRS! In the end, all the planning that was put forth is so worth it. But let’s be honest, wedding planning has its moments and it can become hectic at times.
There are many factors that can stress out the bride, and research shows that budgeting and finalizing the guest list are the top factors. With budgeting, you don’t want to fall into debt planning for a one day event but you still want to achieve the wedding that you desire. You also
wish that you can invite as many people as you can but the budget doesn’t allow that when it’s time to factor in costs for food and drinks. When you are constantly trying to monitor who will get an invite, who will get a plus one, and deciding if it will be an adult only affair can become overwhelming!
Speaking from my own wedding planning experience, I had a budget that I couldn’t go over and a venue that had limited seating which forced me to cut back on my guest list. It was the hardest thing for me to do because my husband and I know so many people and we would have loved for them to witness our love at the altar but we couldn’t afford it. But thank goodness for technology because everyone that weren’t able to come to the wedding ceremony were able to watch it LIVE in the comfort of their own home! How cool is that?!
Granted, it is easy for guests to pull out their smartphone and Facebook Live your ceremony but the quality may not be the best due to sudden movements. The Wedding Foundry thrives on providing our clients the best that we have to offer, and here we offer MEVO.
Mevo is a discreet camera that is made by Livestream and it enables you to achieve professional-quality, sophisticated storytelling with just one camera. It features a 150 degree all glass lens, 4K sensor, built-in stereo microphone and produces professional quality HD videos. What more can a bride ask for?! All of your family and friends are able to experience the moment, and just like any LIVE video featured on Facebook & Youtube, there is a playback. So you and your spouse can relive the moment after everything is over, on the same day. 

And For your enjoyment our wedding ceremony!!

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